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EXPIRENZA Tips – is a convenient service that allows waiters, bartenders, couriers, and employees of gas stations and services to accept tips on a bank card of any bank in Ukraine.

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Personal card with a personal QR code for accepting cashless payments

Just show this card or QR code on your smartphone to get a tip. Guests will be able to point the smartphone camera at the QR code and send you a tip.

Yes, just 3 clicks and the tip is already on your card.

Expirenza supports Google Pay, Apple Pay, and all modern payment methods. Instant notification of a successful transaction to your phone number and personal cards for each employee of the establishment.

🍷🍷🕺 For owners of restaurants, bars, beauty salons, and fitness centers:

• Reviews and tips for staff in one office
• A large network or a separate institution, suitable for any institution
• No need for POS-terminal and additional equipment
• We motivate employees and make life easier for accounting
• More opportunities, more tips.

👩👨 Waiters, bartenders, masters, couriers, and others:

• Guests do not need to look for cash to leave a tip
• Personal QR code for accepting cashless payments
• Your account with all transactions and payment history
• Human technical support and our experience
• Convenient for the Guest, convenient for you

Select the amount of tip on the screen, or enter it yourself.

This is perhaps the most convenient situation that can happen when serving any client.

Reviews and tips for staff in one account

For EXPIRENZA clients, the ability to connect EXPIRENZA Tips is already included in the tariff plan. Please fill out the application for connection below.

Feedback from our customers

«As the owner of the establishment, I use every opportunity to get information from our Guests, reviews, tips, and much more. This information helps us to become better»
Igor Sukhomlin, Owner of Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza, Fish & Pussycat, and others
«This service is just a rocket ball. Money comes to each waiter on a bank card, and we as management see in real-time the real state of affairs and encourage the staff»
Restaurant-bar Varburger (Dnipro)
«Better visit us and try how cool it works»

Our clients

What do you need to connect?

Leave a request on the website, our managers will contact you during the day and send the necessary data.

Is there a commission for those who transfer tips?

There are no commissions for the client who transfers tips. The amount of tips is credited to the bank card of an individual employee of the service sector (waiter, bartender, master, courier, etc.). 'courier, and others). The individual pays the tax independently.

What types of businesses can connect to EXPIRENZA Tipping?

Restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, medical complexes, courier services, and food delivery. This is not the whole list, better leave a request and we will contact you

What is the cost of the connection?

EXPIRENZA Tipping is connected free of charge for all EXPIRENZA customers who are currently receiving reviews, the electronic menu, reviews from social networks, wheel of fortune, NPS, CSI, Anketa+, SMS evaluations and more. Please leave an application on the website and we will connect you.

How quickly are funds credited to the Waiter's account?

Today we offer different options - 5 seconds, during the day, the next day. In this regard, we offer 3% to 6% per transaction commission.

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More than 2000 companies
in five countries already work with EXPIRENZA

«Our experience will help you implement modern service and opportunities» CONNECT ME → CONNECT ME → CONNECT ME → CONNECT ME → CONNECT ME → CONNECT ME → CONNECT ME →

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